The Global Industry

The Global Industry of Textile Designing

More than a billion yards of printed fabric are produced in the United States each year for home and personal use. It's hard to estimate how many designs are used in printing billions of yards, but it's a great many. Manufacturers rely on the variety and marketability of these designs to create a brand look for their company. Commercial textiles are produced in large quantity orders, usually a minimum run of 6,000 yards. These are the prints you see on bolts of fabric, on bedding, clothing, paper goods and on most retail products. Professional textile designs are for industry-oriented, mass-produced products rather than one-of-a-kind handicrafts.

Professional textile print designers respond to the market trends, industry requirements, needs of the manufacturer and the consumer. In our classes we will carefully train you to work with a vast variety of design techniques that will add beauty and marketability to your design. Learn to produce beautiful textile print designs for your own pleasure or pursue a specialized course geared towards the creation of a high-end portfolio.

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The Beauty of Prints

Endless creativity abounds in the world of print design regardless of the surface it's produced on. Prints sell the fabric or the product. Every era in history had its own style of print design whether traditional Victorian, vintage or contemporary modern. Each design has its unique beauty. Although we may have a preference to a particular style, learning to create all types of prints will develop an appreciation for their diversity and uniqueness. There is a never-ending search by manufacturers for skilled professional designs.

THE INSTITUTE FOR TEXTILE PRINT DESIGN offers fabric design courses in California where you will have the opportunity to explore professional prints in a way that will tap into your joy for color, design, textures and limitless imagination.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the program offered at The Institute for Textile Print Design. I thought I could never do this but saw that it has exceeded all my expectations and more. It's brought out all the qualities in myself that I was wanting to explore but was afraid to do so.”

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